Sing With Me

Today is two songs. I love listening to music and I love to sing. I’m not a good singer, but since I can’t play and instrument I make do by singing, however badly. I’ve had all these different songs bouncing around my head all day trying to decide which two I would use. I’ve finally settled on them and so before I change my mind yet again, here are my two songs.

  1. You Found Me – The Fray: I absolutely love this song, and I tend to love The Fray as a band also. The first time I heard this song it bought tears to my eyes, and still can if I’m in that sort of mood. This song is just.. I don’t know, but I love the singers voice and just the deep sadness, but also feeling of hope that comes through the song. I guess I feel like he’s singing about me, the troubles that we have to go through in order to get to the light. It’s so touching. 
  2. Thank You – Chris Cornell (Led Zeppelin Cover): This song makes me happy, oddly. Chris Cornell is the lead Singer of the rock band Soundgarden, but I only really like him for this song. I first heard it on the radio and I fell in love with it straight away. I love how husky his voice is, it’s actually quite sexy and sounds so lovely with just an acoustic guitar behind it.  This is such a love song that I want it to be the song me and my husband dance to at our wedding. It’s beautiful. 

There we have it. The second to last post in this challenge. Tomorrow you all get to look at my ugly mug!

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